Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yes, Facebook took our "Pages" Down

Free Fire Cider and Fire Cider Pages and even our "World Fire Cider Making Day Event" have been taken down by Facebook.  Facebook has cited that an Amy Huebner (who just happens to own Shire City Herbals)said that these pages violated their intellectual property and was an infringement.  I have been warned that if I start another page I may be blocked from using facebook entirely.  That doesnt stop anyone else from starting "pages" and citing the "Fire Cider" page as an infringement on our intellectual property.
Do what thou wilt and we will continue to boycott, we don't need facebook to do it!
What facebook said Letter regarding removal of Free Fire Cider Page.

We’ve removed or disabled access to the following content that you posted on Facebook because a third party reported that the content infringes or otherwise violates their rights:

Page: Fire Cider

Facebook is not in a position to adjudicate disputes between third parties. If you believe that this content should not have been removed from Facebook, you can contact the complaining party directly to resolve your issue:

Notice #: 263156903851500

Contact Information
Name: Amy Huebner

If an agreement is reached to restore the reported content, please have the complaining party email us with their consent and include the original reference number. We will not be able to restore this content to Facebook unless we receive explicit notice of consent from the complaining party. Please note that the complaining party is not required to respond to your request.

We strongly encourage you to review the content you have posted to Facebook to make sure that you have not posted any other infringing content, as it is our policy to terminate the accounts of repeat infringers when appropriate.

For more information about intellectual property, please visit our Help Center at

The Facebook Team


  1. Perhaps Rosemary should file thee same trademark infringement on their fb page... might be harder fer them ter explain that ter their customer base... or even send a similar notice to their web hosting agent. Losing their web page would really let them think about what they be doin.

  2. Maybe we all should file a complaint with FB stating that Shire City Herbals is infringing on our rights to use, sell distribute an age old herbal remedy that was handed down for public use by the elders. FB might see things more clearly if they are flooded with infringement complaints.

  3. When one FB falls, another should rise up to take its place:

  4. This pissed me off. I am sending via snail mail letters to stores carrying their products. Join me! Or you can alternately send a message via the store's Facebook or twitter or email. Keep the battle strong, brothers and sisters!